Triangle Mobility offers sales, installation, and ongoing service of mobility products in Raleigh, Durham, and all of central North Carolina, and southern Virginia. We have installations in Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Greenville, Greensboro, Lynchburg, and Roanoke.

Our prices are better than the internet, and any other local mobility business. If you think our prices aren't the lowest available it simply means you haven't called 1-919-434-8754.

..................Our professionals have installed more stair lifts
over the last 15 years than all of the other local
stair lift dealers combined.

Why have we had these opportunities?

Our prices are lower than any other source

Our local service is known to be outstanding

We represent many manufacturers, which
means we can select from the very best
solutions for your personal needs

Our new line of in home elevators offer a terrific solution for those of us who want to remain in our home as we age.

No elevator shaft to build.

No extra electrical lines to run.

No need for a separate room for mechanical devices.

For more details about how this fantastic new elevator works visit our elevator section here:

On the surface lift chairs often look alike.

We request information such as your height,
gender, weight, and medical conditions. We then
choose from the major brands, models and sizes.

We then explain all of the options. and show
you samples of all available colors and fabrics.
The choices you have at this point will
be all of those that are most perfectly suited to
your unique, personal needs.

Why not call us today so we can prove to you
that all lift chairs are definitely not alike?


Every stairway is not straight or indoors.
Regardless of your stairways location or it's
shape, we can offer you an ideal solution.

Professional installations
We will measure your stairway free
Models with lifetime warranties
Shapes, sizes, & fabrics are matched to
your private decor.

Terrific outdoor solutions
Experience with every outdoor condition you
can imagine.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

We have hundreds of vertical lift installations
right here in your area. We offer the best brands,
and all models. Our prices are the best that can
be found anywhere, including the internet.

Call us today for a free site inspection

We have had many clients over the years that
thought they would have to have two wheel
chairs, one on each level of their home. Trying
to switch from the wheelchair to a stair lift seat
proved to be difficult. We have the answer.

Shown here is our wheelchair lift for stairways.
It is rated for 500 pounds, and means you will
never need more than one chair. Click either
picture to learn more about this great solution.

To learn more about any of these
wonderful solutions call 1-