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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Not just any dealer can consult with you, and offer professional solutions.
It takes experience. We have more experience recommending, and installing commercial lift solutions than any other dealer in, or around, the Triangle Park area.

Our policy when it comes to lift placements is "no surprises". You can't afford them, and to remain in business we have to make sure you don't have any. When the enclosure, or the prepared area, is completed in advance of the delivery of the lift it has to fit. It has to drain properly. It must meet local codes, and it has to look good.

We've done it many times over many years, and we're still here with a ton
of happy customers.

Call us today for an on site, professional consultation. It's Free.

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Need an outdoor package? A special color? Special code requirements?
Do you need to enclose your lift, and have no shaft constructed?

We have solutions for these, and many other special situations that
we encounter every day. These are solutions you will not find on the internet because no one is there to help you that has seen your space, encountered local code, dealt with inspectors, or most importantly installed a lift.

We can't imagine why you wouldn't call an experienced, local, professional to get advice. Particularly when it's free.