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Outdoor Stair Lifts

Our prices are better than the internet,
and any other local mobility business.
If you think our prices aren't the lowest
available it simply means you haven't
called 1-919-434-8754

And you will never believe the price on this
fantastic outdoor stair lift manufactured by
Staying Home Corp in Harrisonville, MO.
It comes with a lifetime warranty even
though it is expressly made to withstand
the harshest of outdoor conditions.

The out the door price beats anything in it's
category from any other source.
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Harmar’s Outdoor Stair Lift is engineered
with a durable extruded aluminum track
and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle
rain, wind, snow, and temperatures from
0 to 125 degrees. Includes header, internal
chassis, and large weatherproof covers for
even more protection.

If this outdoor stair lift shown at left looks
like something you would like to see in
your own space call us today for a free
consultation. 1-919-434-8754