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Our new Staying Home elevators are safe, dependable, and very affordable. We can install in one to three days at a time that works for your schedule. This elevator is proudly built in the USA.

Stay in the home you love
Move safely between floors
Make your life easier
Never get stuck between floors in a power outage

And get it all at a total cost of way less than you'd expect!

Lift Specifications:
• Battery operated - runs BOTH directions during power outages
• Capacity: 1-2 persons, 400 lbs
• Length: Up to 14 feet of travel
• Footprint: 38” wide x 48” from wall, or 38” wide x 39” from wall
• Car accommodates small wheelchair, transport chair or rollator
• Car controls: up/down, key-switch, E-stop, alarm, diagnostic LED, car light control switch
• Wireless call-sends are easy to install and enable the rider to call or send unit to either landing
• Fob control for remote use
• Constant low voltage battery charging system
• 250 Watt motor with dual winding steel drums - 2:1 drive
• High tensile strength extruded aluminum track
• Textured, easy to clean, powder coated finish on car and rail
• Hi-grade Z97.1 approved clear acrylic vision panels
• Angled non-skid covered threshold for easy entry
• AWS certified welded steel car frame
• Telephone in car
• Brightly illuminating overhead LED car light - 4 watts, 12 volts
• Carpeted floor for sure footing and comfort
• Designed to meet A17.1-2010/CSA B44-10 section 5.3, Part V of ASME for Private Residence Elevators
• Meets NEC standards for wiring
• Designed, tested, assembled in U.S.A.
• 2 year battery warranty - 3 year warranty on all other items
• Manual lowering device .