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We have the best dumbwaiter solution on the
planet. We can prove it if you call us, and we
are proud of it. It is also the best value of any
other dumbwaiter available anywhere, and we
can prove that too.

Free advance drawings
No cable drive to create slack stoppages
No drum that winds up a cable
No dedicated electrical circuits
Low voltage wiring throughout
Rack and pinion drive
5 year warranty
20 to 30 cycles in a power outage
Convenient assembly at bottom of shaft
Very low maintenance
100% American labor and parts
Optional stainless finish
Basic model has a 200 pound capacity
The best value, and the lowest price

A dumbwaiter is certainly not an assembly you
can safely purchase directly from the internet.
They are more complex than they appear on
the surface, the code requirements can be
daunting at the local level, and the space where
it is to be installed is never vanilla.

There is absolutely no reason you should not
call us for a free consultation. We will explain
exactly how it works, where it should be
placed, and why it should be placed there.

And we will do this all free of charge. We
believe that once you experience the help
our professional staff can provide on site you
will never go anywhere else. And we will stay
with you from start to finish, and then we will
service the unit as is required.


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