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Residential Wheelchair Lifts

We have hundreds of vertical lift installations
right here in your area. We offer the best brands,
and all models. Our prices are the best that can
be found anywhere, including the internet.

We know we've mentioned it before, but if you
want to get installations like this one you need
to call us. We will come to your location, review
your site to determine the best solution for your
budget, and your surrounding area. We will do
it for free, and when we are done you will have
a professional recommendation at a lower price
than from any other source.
Not only are our prices the best, but we offer a
wider range of choices than other dealers.
Lift heights up to 14 feet
Capacities from 600 to 750 pounds
Small Footprints
Very Low Maintenance Models
Automatic Self Lowering Ramps
Top Line Electromechanical Gate Releases
Constant pressure paddle switches that
are right next to an emergency stop
button are essential components
of a properly set up lift.
Call us today, and let us design a lift that is
perfect for your budget, your safety, and
your convenience. Our visit is free.