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Who Can Benefit from Using Stair Lifts?

Stair lifts are typically used by those who are experiencing decreased mobility. Stair lifts significantly reduce the risk of a catastrophic fall, which can often occur when trying to go up or down the stairs. Installing a stair lift can help those with reduced mobility remain in the comfort of their own homes and maintain their independence.

As the population of Americans 65 and older continues to grow, a trend known as “aging in place” is becoming a popular alternative to relocating to a one-story home or care facility, or hiring a home care worker. Stair lifts are a simple but integral part of helping older adults remain safe and comfortable in the homes they have resided in for decades. A stair lift can also provide peace of mind to friends and family who worry about their loved ones going up and down stairs safely.

While stair lifts are typically installed to assist those who are experiencing lasting changes in their mobility, they can also be helpful to individuals who need temporary help while healing from major surgery or other injury. Installing a stair lift at home can help them leave the hospital sooner and cut down on medical costs associated with round-the-clock care.
No matter the situation, a stair lift allows the user to remain independent and access all levels of a multi-story home safely and comfortably while decreasing the need for major home renovations.